The History, Art and Architecture of the Mughal Empire

Assignment 7 / I

Searches in Historical Abstracts for the following terms:


Yassa (0 results)

Chingis Khan (0 results)

Illumination Philosophy (21 results)


Quite surprised to find no articles tagged with the keywords Yassa and especially Chingis Khan — and only one relevant article on Illuminaiton Philosophy.


Sadly, according to searches in Teilkatalog Zeitschriften und Serien des Österreichischen Bibliothekenverbunds and Elektronischen Zeitschriftenbibliothek the most interesting result (Divine Illumination, Mechanical Calculators, and the Roots of Modern Reason. Detail Only AvailableBy: Dear, Peter. Science in Context. Sep2010, Vol. 23 Issue 3, p351-366) is apparently not available in Vienna.


  tantner wrote @

Der Artikel ist online über die UB Wien (Einstieg mit VPN!) zugänglich.

  mughalhistory wrote @

Yes, I know. But the two catalogues specified in the assignment (Teilkatalog Zeitschriften und Serien des Österreichischen Bibliothekenverbunds and Elektronischen Zeitschriftenbibliothek) don’t return any results.

  Usman wrote @

Did you try yasa instead of yassa. I know Mongol historians like David Morgan favour it.

  mughalhistory wrote @

Thanks for the tip, Usman.

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