The History, Art and Architecture of the Mughal Empire

Assignment 5

ideology mughal

Akbar mughal

Jahangir mughal

Illumination mughal

architecture mughal

Akbar’s tomb

religion mughal

sufism mughal


The OBV results based on searches for the above key words proved useful and led me to some literature I had not encountered before, in addition to the more common works which I had expected to find. This includes Muḥammad ʿAbd-al-Ġanī’s books on the history of Persian language and literature at the Mughal court, Richard Eaton’s book on India’s Islamic traditions and R. Nath’s book on Mughal sculpture. I was also thrilled to find that Raizul Islam’s book on Indo-Persian relations is available at the OAW. The results were both accurate and manageable in number, so I’ll be using the OBV catalogue more often in the future.


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